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It’s all about connections!

Monday, January 20th, 2014

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We are about to have BIG perks in the form of FUN (and easy!) contests on our SOCIAL MEDIA pages!

Our goal in 2014 is CONNECT with you awesome instructors, who rock the fitness programs at these stellar resorts and provide lots of happiness for guests.

So MAKE SURE YOU CONNECT with Fit Bodies, Inc. OFFICIAL fan pages~

and check out for regular updates to the “Everything Fit Bodies with Suzelle” archives!

What we post already: *specials, promos for new resorts *keep up with the resort travels of Fit Bodies, Inc. staff! *beach bliss *general “fun in the sun” fitness and yoga inspiration that makes you jump out of your seat and head to vacation paradise!

What we are beginning to post: *INSTRUCTOR OF THE MONTH! Go ahead, let us admire you 😉 *Product contests *Trip contests *Photo contests always ongoing!

What you should do to join in? LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. And suggest your fitness-lovin’ enthusiasts and other instructors to like us, too.  The more people connecting with us, the bigger and better the GIVEAWAYS will be!

What YOU should post:  Your enthusiasm for teaching vacations!! – from the class pictures to the perfect sunset, excursion, cocktail or resort staff member. You name it – connect with us!

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*Why are we sending an email about CONNECTIONS?! Because it’s cold and snowy here in Kentucky and nothing brightens the day more than seeing and sharing the sunshine, adventure and charm from the teaching vacations we help create. So there, I guess we are selfish 😉  But email us your questions or private comments so we can continuously improve the programming we offer to resort guests at these lovely resorts. We value the customer service we offer you, as we hope you do, too 🙂

*Positions are open to book through the end of March 2015, always on where real-time booking availability can guide your teaching vacation plans.

Happy and safe travels everyone!



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Breathless Punta Cana: Taking Us Above + Beyond Our Dream Vacation

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

photo 4

When arriving at a resort, being greeted with champagne is quite typical. But, having it poured into my glass by an acrobatic team on stilts, twisting and turning to amaze and greet us with beauty, style and grace? Well, that certainly exclaimed, “Welcome to the party!” And it has been a party that constantly offers examples of the classy, fun nature of the resort that has already been seamlessly established.

photo 2 

Offering Yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes this week has been the icing on the cake!  Sharing my love of yoga through the ability to teach is a gift to me and certainly other instructors utilizing Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program.  Teaching Zumba to those who already have the “latin rhythm” in their souls and bodies was certainly a pleasure, as most of the guests this grand opening week were from the DR, Mexico and Spain.  Expect the more traditional North American participants on a regular basis but be happy to find the guest or two in your class who can sing along as they cha-cha.

photo 1


Breathless Punta Cana is ready to host the array of adult guests from couples, groups of friends, and adult families. Couples get along well here of course but a slightly less-romantic vibe can be found. Open socializing in the evening, making new friends, and experiencing a party nightlife of classy attire and women in gorgeous shoes!   Tables and sitting areas explain it all by offering more than the usual 2 and 4 seat options seen at most adult-only properties.


 What a great entertainment staff! Daytime activities I’ve most enjoyed thus far were the foam pool party and stand-up paddle board lessons, where Francois and the water sports staff take care of everything.  Even SUP yoga classes can be offered if it’s something you teach and the waves, or lack thereof, cooperate.  I hear they are going to continue with the “white party” theme, which is almost like a costume party that adds to the orange and purple color scheme of the hotel.

photo 2

It’s all perfect! Even the soft opening I just attended hosted a la carte restaurants and gourmet buffet options. The top-shelf spirits and, of course, 24-hour room service is on par for a fulfilling experience for the experienced all-inclusive vacationer.

 We are excited to offer this opportunity to qualified, experienced and certified instructors of diverse teaching talents providing classes to guests every week, included in the brand’s “Unlimited Pleasure” guest package. Instructors’ schedules will be created by the Fit Bodies, Inc. office in advance so the unique and excellent programming can be utilized by the resort to promote. Therefore, schedules will fluctuate yet also be designed to highlight YOUR unique specialties. We are finalizing the best, largest and coolest outdoor areas for classes to be held as the sun sails on the poolside and, already palm trees cast a nice vibe out for yoga and fitness courses along the beach.

photo 5

There is a lot to be thrilled about in regards to the anticipation the guest instructor program will have on regular guest bookings at this resort. Guests and potential guests will be aware of the classes being offered and will likely be choosing a particular week at this resort based on the programming in store. It’s all very exciting and we are excited to have you as part of the magic!

photo 1

Suzelle and Lisa have kicked it off “Fit Bodies, Inc.” style and now we want you to continue to rock this resort with formats that match Breathless Punta Cana’s classy, sophisticated, energizing vibe. 

photo 3

Happy travels everyone!

photo 3

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