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FitBodies VLOG launch

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

The new video blog hosts updated and cataloged episodes of Everything Fit Bodies with Suzelle. Everything Fit Bodies (EFB) expresses the fast paced business of fitness and travel to keep our program users excited and up to date about everything Fit Bodies, Inc.

Currently EFB has been in production since January 2011 and has just produced it’s 60th episode scheduled to air first on Fit Bodies, Inc. front page Monday, October 1, 2012.

Fit Bodies, Inc. Changes coming

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Fit Bodies, Inc and Fitness Pro Travel will have a brand new look in a few short weeks. We have been working constantly for the last few years trying to make our site easy for you to maneuver. The social network thread is working well and we love seeing your comments and assistance to others who have questions. Keep it up!

Fit Bodies, Inc. has grown as you are all noticing. We went from 20 resorts a couple years ago to over 45 with more coming on board soon. The fast growth has perpetuated us toward a bigger better website to afford all the rapidly changing functions needed to handle this expansion. All of our brainstorming of better viewing, easier selection, and more options for choosing a teaching vacation are finally coming together.

You will meet the new site very soon. We are shooting for a January 1st debut. It will appear very similar but better. Some of the changes will be noticeable and some will be subtle. One of the changes I want to mention has to do with the memberships. Currently we have BASIC, TRAVEL, MEDALLION and ENTERPRISE. Those will remain but the changes will be within the memberships themselves. BASIC will still exist as a free account. You will be able to access everything you do now with one exception. There will be a limited number of resorts available to book with this membership. You will always be able to access 15 opportunities that will change on a regular basis. In order to have access to all of the resorts you will need to upgrade to the TRAVEL membership. There are many other benefits that you are afforded with this membership including a referral bonus each time someone you send to us becomes a member of our community. By referring people to our site you will be able to make up the $27 membership fee before you know it just by sending your professional friends to us so THEY can experience theses amazing teaching vacations. The Medallion and Enterprise members also have access to all of the resorts with added amenities and abilities but the TRAVEL membership is all you need to be able to book any resort at any time and earn money too. You can request a check or we can use it as a credit for your next teaching vacation.

Other amenities are afforded our Travel Members such as a reduced change fee and access to more of the networking capabilities on the site.

Email me at with any questions you have about these changes. I am excited about the new site, can’t wait to hear what you think!!

Happy Travels


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