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Travel & tourism retreat experience in Belize-Skype Issues

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Keep in touch with home while traveling in Belize.

Belize is full of tourism incentives.  From fitness and yoga retreats to birdwatching, water sports, ecological beauties and respite. Tourism is good.  English speaking population is growing and growing as English is taught in schools widely through Belize. The country’s luxury “resort and spa” industry is filled with luxurious, boutique Inns.  Just as many resort and spas are in the mountain top ecological havens as lined along the beach.  Despite the great travel incentives through Belize, the country’s internet freedoms are limited. The Belizean government does not allow Skype.  Belize Telecommunications has concerns of lost revenue due to Belizean use of Skype for world-wide, and even local, calling. So they restrict specific websites and data ports.

Despite the problem of countrywide restriction of Skype’s usage, three months I successfully Skyped in Belize multiple times for extended periods of time. HOW? A VPN. A VPN is a secure firewall with changing IP Address, as necessary.  It’s not tracked for a period of time, and then changes.  So I hear….

My concern toward this is the ease of restriction government has to control Skype’s expansion and also the inability for people in Belize to utilize technology readily available and materialistically invested in.

Oh well-I just wanted to talk to my husband at home and see his smiling face while I was on a gorgeous mountain practicing yoga nearly all day every day.  After 2 days of attempting while not knowing the restrictions on Skype across the board in this country, I was told, “it doesn’t always work well.”  Well, you are not kidding!!

Answer to my problems and solution to communicating with my husband in Kentucky is HotSpot Shield! Skped worked in Belize with this free VPN.  It bypasses the firewalls. All it took was the free version.  Once you are using this Application, just remember to turn it off anytime you are not using Skype in Belize (or other restricted site I suppose) or it impairs the browser’s ability to go to other sites.

I hope this helps another Belize traveler.   In respect to encouraging tourism, disabling the Skype communication service is really a poor move and I hope technological notes like this will not always be necessary.

Til then, happy traveling in Belize!  Home of awesome Mayan ruins, gorgeous waterfalls, vibrant culture and dining, wildlife out of this world and relaxing afternoons or adventure excursions. Fit Bodies, Inc. creates teaching vacations for yoga instructors at very nice resorts in Belize such as Hidden Valley Inn.  Check it out and professionals can sign up for the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program.



Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Yoga Retreats in Belize

Yoga Retreats in Belize




Yoga in Belize, Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Hidden Valley Inn is a distinguished sanctuary of nature within the northern Mayan Mountains of Belize. From botany to birding, hiking, swimming, caving, romance and respite-Hidden Valley Inn has an exciting and restoring vacation in store for guests with the inclusion of guest yoga teachers.

Yoga teachers offer classes while enjoying themselves with the ideal accommodations, ambient environment, and wonderful service and dining at the resort.  Yoga teachers with minimum 200-hour teacher training are qualified for teaching vacations to this location. A Fit Bodies, Inc. guest yoga teacher is on staff almost every week offering classes to resort guests.

In addition to accepting yoga teachers on a weekly basis, Fit Bodies, Inc. arranges retreats and groups to Inn guests and teachers alike. Wonderful packages can be customized, combining for as much yoga, adventure, culture and fun as you would like included into each day. Be the teacher yourself, or contact Fit Bodies, Inc. to arrange a fitness professional for your next group retreat. Fit Bodies, Inc. can source the perfect yoga teacher to join your group.
Within the lodge is a conference room sitting 24 people and the entire Inn has complimentary wifi if you must keep business moving, or share your daily adventures to your social circles. View information about Hidden Valley Inn retreats on the Fit Bodies, Inc. site.

Yoga teachers can learn everything about Hidden Valley Inn on the FitnessProTravel website in addition to assistance booking travel dates of the teacher’s choice. Instructors offer classes to guests and enjoy the luxury accommodations and amenities for themselves and included is one guest. Yoga Teachers click to be

Favorite aspects of the Hidden Valley Inn, from a guest yoga teacher’s perspective:

-Currently the only non-beachfront location accepting Fit Bodies, Inc. yoga teachers.

-Hidden Valley Inn sits within over 7,000 acres of a wildlife reserve in northern Maya Mountains of Belize. This is a part of the Pine Mountain Ridge Forest Reserve, which encompasses over 100,000 acres. There are over 90 miles of groomed and well-marked hiking trails to explore! Plus the many excursion opportunities off-site.

-Each guest is asked about dietary considerations. They have wonderful cuisine for all diners!

-Sixteen waterfalls on property to explore and enjoy! Some are big, some small! All providing another area to lookout from or bridge to cross into further hiking adventure.

-Yoga platforms are all next to running water or a waterfall for a lovely, ambient experience for teachers and students alike.

-Five wonderful areas for yoga classes to be held. From the canopy covered OM Shanti platform to the Awat Balam space at the top of Tiger Creek falls. Naturally lovely, sturdy space for classes! Three areas of walking distance, from 2 min stroll from your cottage to 5-7 minute hike. Other two locations are further hike, but only 5-minute ride in the 4×4 Inn taxi! Awat Balam is a 5-minute taxi ride and well worth the effort as it rests on sturdy, multi-level platform at the top of Tiger Creek Falls. As a favorite spot for birders and yogis alike, it is across from King Vulture lookout. Quite the sites to be seen!
For over ten years, Hidden Valley Inn has offered guests levels of adventure and reprise catered to each individual. Naturally as a birding, adventure and ancient culture exploring destination, the Inn has perfect locations for yoga classes and luxury accommodations, amenities, service and dining for the most discerning of travelers.

This location is ideal for yoga teachers looking for a unique and endearing teaching vacation experience away from a beach. Though for great swimming around the Inn, visit Rio Falls during the Caracol excursion.

Fit Bodies, Inc. books teaching vacation dates up to thirteen months in advance at Hidden Valley Inn and other locations. Many 2013 high season travel dates still available for yoga teachers. Also yoga teachers who offer Zumba would be a nice teaching vacation, too! All guest instructors sign up and create teaching vacation bookings at of the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation.


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