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It’s all about connections!

Monday, January 20th, 2014

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We are about to have BIG perks in the form of FUN (and easy!) contests on our SOCIAL MEDIA pages!

Our goal in 2014 is CONNECT with you awesome instructors, who rock the fitness programs at these stellar resorts and provide lots of happiness for guests.

So MAKE SURE YOU CONNECT with Fit Bodies, Inc. OFFICIAL fan pages~

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What we post already: *specials, promos for new resorts *keep up with the resort travels of Fit Bodies, Inc. staff! *beach bliss *general “fun in the sun” fitness and yoga inspiration that makes you jump out of your seat and head to vacation paradise!

What we are beginning to post: *INSTRUCTOR OF THE MONTH! Go ahead, let us admire you ;) *Product contests *Trip contests *Photo contests always ongoing!

What you should do to join in? LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. And suggest your fitness-lovin’ enthusiasts and other instructors to like us, too.  The more people connecting with us, the bigger and better the GIVEAWAYS will be!

What YOU should post:  Your enthusiasm for teaching vacations!! – from the class pictures to the perfect sunset, excursion, cocktail or resort staff member. You name it – connect with us!

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*Why are we sending an email about CONNECTIONS?! Because it’s cold and snowy here in Kentucky and nothing brightens the day more than seeing and sharing the sunshine, adventure and charm from the teaching vacations we help create. So there, I guess we are selfish ;-)  But email us your questions or private comments so we can continuously improve the programming we offer to resort guests at these lovely resorts. We value the customer service we offer you, as we hope you do, too :-)

*Positions are open to book through the end of March 2015, always on where real-time booking availability can guide your teaching vacation plans.

Happy and safe travels everyone!



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Suzelle and the Fit Bodies, Inc/Fitness Pro Travel team

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Breathless Punta Cana: Taking Us Above + Beyond Our Dream Vacation

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

photo 4

When arriving at a resort, being greeted with champagne is quite typical. But, having it poured into my glass by an acrobatic team on stilts, twisting and turning to amaze and greet us with beauty, style and grace? Well, that certainly exclaimed, “Welcome to the party!” And it has been a party that constantly offers examples of the classy, fun nature of the resort that has already been seamlessly established.

photo 2 

Offering Yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes this week has been the icing on the cake!  Sharing my love of yoga through the ability to teach is a gift to me and certainly other instructors utilizing Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program.  Teaching Zumba to those who already have the “latin rhythm” in their souls and bodies was certainly a pleasure, as most of the guests this grand opening week were from the DR, Mexico and Spain.  Expect the more traditional North American participants on a regular basis but be happy to find the guest or two in your class who can sing along as they cha-cha.

photo 1


Breathless Punta Cana is ready to host the array of adult guests from couples, groups of friends, and adult families. Couples get along well here of course but a slightly less-romantic vibe can be found. Open socializing in the evening, making new friends, and experiencing a party nightlife of classy attire and women in gorgeous shoes!   Tables and sitting areas explain it all by offering more than the usual 2 and 4 seat options seen at most adult-only properties.


 What a great entertainment staff! Daytime activities I’ve most enjoyed thus far were the foam pool party and stand-up paddle board lessons, where Francois and the water sports staff take care of everything.  Even SUP yoga classes can be offered if it’s something you teach and the waves, or lack thereof, cooperate.  I hear they are going to continue with the “white party” theme, which is almost like a costume party that adds to the orange and purple color scheme of the hotel.

photo 2

It’s all perfect! Even the soft opening I just attended hosted a la carte restaurants and gourmet buffet options. The top-shelf spirits and, of course, 24-hour room service is on par for a fulfilling experience for the experienced all-inclusive vacationer.

 We are excited to offer this opportunity to qualified, experienced and certified instructors of diverse teaching talents providing classes to guests every week, included in the brand’s “Unlimited Pleasure” guest package. Instructors’ schedules will be created by the Fit Bodies, Inc. office in advance so the unique and excellent programming can be utilized by the resort to promote. Therefore, schedules will fluctuate yet also be designed to highlight YOUR unique specialties. We are finalizing the best, largest and coolest outdoor areas for classes to be held as the sun sails on the poolside and, already palm trees cast a nice vibe out for yoga and fitness courses along the beach.

photo 5

There is a lot to be thrilled about in regards to the anticipation the guest instructor program will have on regular guest bookings at this resort. Guests and potential guests will be aware of the classes being offered and will likely be choosing a particular week at this resort based on the programming in store. It’s all very exciting and we are excited to have you as part of the magic!

photo 1

Suzelle and Lisa have kicked it off “Fit Bodies, Inc.” style and now we want you to continue to rock this resort with formats that match Breathless Punta Cana’s classy, sophisticated, energizing vibe. 

photo 3

Happy travels everyone!

photo 3

Get fit in paradise! Join Suzele at Fitcation at Breathless Punta Cana

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Fall is now upon us….a most graceful, transitional time of year filled with beautiful temperatures, subtle warmth from the sun, and light, brisk breezes. The perfect time to soak in each and every moment of spending time outdoors before winter peeks around the corner. Come November, the inevitable happens….temperatures quickly drop, bringing that winter chill quickly upon us. So, how lovely would it be to bring some warmth, relaxation, and fiery fitness into your life right as the cold hits?  Here’s a beautiful opportunity to do just that….

b1399Fit Bodies, Inc., Zumba®, and Apple Vacations will be hosting a luxurious fitness retreat in Punta Cana, known as Fitcation, at the beautiful new Breathless Punta Cana from November 18-25, 2013. Here’s a wonderful chance to enjoy a tranquil adult- only resort while having the added bonus of experiencing the exciting world of Zumba® fitness and yoga to the fullest. Led by Fit Bodies, Inc. president, Suzelle Snowden, and ZES Kelly Bullard, this Fitcation will offer bountiful opportunities for Zumba® and yoga, time to connect and interact with fellow Fitcation attendees, as well as ample time to relax and enjoy your luxurious vacation at this brand new resort.

fitcation2 zumba group


This is the perfect getaway for whatever your needs may be- whether you desire to escape on your own for a bit, spend a romantic trip with your significant other, or perhaps you wish to gather a group of friends for a fun-filled fitness weekend. As Breathless Resort’s blog notes, “Breathless Punta Cana offers a vibrant social atmosphere that’s perfect for every adult.”


To make this retreat even more enticing (as if you were not already sold at the words “Punta Cana” or “Fitcation”), Fitcation packages always feature some incredible air fare + all-inclusive packages from the following cities: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, and St. Louis.  To book this dream fitness vacation, simply click HERE… you’re just moments away from having your cold-weather-escape/ pre-holiday workout retreat scheduled!

View this post on Fit Bodies, Inc. Facebook and Twitter to comment!




Looking for Dolphins in Paradise?

Friday, September 6th, 2013


Family gathered together on the beach watching a pod of dolphins playfully leaping in and out of the ocean waves… this is surely a memory to take home from vacation. At most of the resorts hosting Fit Bodies’ instructors, it is quite possible to catch a glimpse of this beautiful sight while out enjoying the sun and the sand.

drecu24Now, imagine the opportunity to catch sight of dolphins at any time of day right from your room balcony.  And better yet, imagine giving your children the opportunity to observe, swim and interact with these gentle marine mammals throughout your vacation!

With the many desirable Dreams Resorts vacations available through the Fit Bodies, Inc teaching vacation program it’s often hard to choose just one! Perhaps the Dolphin Experience can help narrow down a selection.  The Dolphin Experience at the  Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa and Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa makes family vacations at these two beautiful resorts quite special indeed. Watching these incredible creatures jump and reach a height of up 15 feet above the water is a truly remarkable sight for all ages to enjoy!

drecu27When experienced and certified fitness, yoga, or Zumba instructors choose to book one (or both!) of these Dreams locations, they are committing to an exceptional experience that the entire family will remember forever.   And for the teaching instructor, the experience is equally as special. Just imagine teaching a gentle yoga flow while dolphins nearby swim about with matching graceful movements. Or perhaps these playful mammals inspire some extra bounce in a fitness pro’s Zumba offering!  There is so much to explore with this fascinating feature at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa and Dreams Puerto Rico Aventuras Resort & Spa, and this special adventure is just a few clicks away.


Fitness instructors, please find easy, secure booking for teaching vacations at , after qualifying for an account at FitBodiesInc.  Fitness is the home of the Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Program. Come explore the depths of paradise while fulfilling your teaching passion!

The Dreams Resorts’ blog features an interview with the onsite dolphin instructors. Check out this post here: “Dreaming of Dolphins at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa and Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa”.


St. Martin: pure sunshine, rich culture, & endless exploration

Friday, August 23rd, 2013



Breathe in the fresh, salty, tropical breeze of pure bliss. Oh, to be resting upon the  warm sand of one of the many peaceful beaches of “St. Maarten” … or “St. Martin,” as  the name simply depends on which side of the island you are on. Yes, this 37- square-  mile Caribbean paradise houses not one, but TWO established nations. With an  approximate division of 60/40, the French Republic consists of about 37,000  inhabitants, while the Dutch population resides around 41,000. What a beautiful burst of culture this island has to offer!


Founded by THE explorer himself, St. Martin was first sighted by Christopher Columbus on November 11, 1493.  As this date signifies the Holy Day of St. Martin de Tours, this piece of paradise was thus named after him. In 1648 St. Martin became the world’s smallest landmass to be divided by and shared between two sovereign nations.



 The island’s unique share of culture provides for an endless array of things to see and do. Perhaps you wish to spend the day in Saint Maarten, the Dutch side, where breath-taking beaches reside and the nights fill with excitement as this side of the island’s nightlife takes center stage. Seeking to enrich your financial abundance while in paradise?  Casinos are plentiful in Saint Maarten. Perhaps later in your stay you crave the sweet sophistication of a French Caribbean town. Marigot, located on the West side of the island is filled with quaint bistros (known for their rich French and Indian Caribbean cuisine) and outdoor markets.

SONY DSCPure sunshine and clear blue skies tend to be the norm on St. Martin, allowing for the perfect beach experience. Choose to let go and relax in a soft bed of sand or take the adventurous route- the island has plenty of water sports to explore. Windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, deep sea diving…. just try them all!

Just when you thought this island couldn’t be any more perfect, traveling to and from St. Martin happens to be as easy as the island’s breeze. Located about 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico, the island is but a three hour flight from NYC and a quick 2 hr 45 min flight from Miami. And yes, there are direct flights! Many major airlines including Delta, Continental, American, and United offer direct flights right into the island’s main airport- Princess Juliana International Airport.


Now you have a visual picture painted about the wonderful vacation opportunity waiting for you. Fit Bodies, Inc. provides the opportunity to vacation and teach at a top resort on this island.  The largest teaching vacation organization in the world, Fit Bodies, Inc., is thrilled to offer resort guests the teaching talents from exceptional yoga teachers. Learn more about the weather, activities and luxury travel opportunities to Saint Martin. Teaching vacations with Fit Bodies, Inc. are available to St. Maarten, at the gorgeous Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino.

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Dreams Villamagna, immaculate pools and fantastic beach

Thursday, June 20th, 2013
Beach yoga Dreams Villamagna

Beach yoga Dreams Villamagna

Dreams Villamagna is a short 15 minute ride north from the Puerto Vallarta airport.  Our FITcation with Apple Vacations lead us to Dreams Villamagna with a great pool setup for Aqua Zumba, perfect for yoga on the beach and the tennis court is perfect 6PM Zumba class complete with shade and gentle Pacific breeze.

FITcation this year had multiple charter options from multiple cities. Most of the group made the 7 day charter out of Chicago O’Hare while a few others took advantage of the 4 day charter option.  Smooth flights both ways with economical upgrade options to those who inquire.





Always a gorgeous photo opp!

Always a gorgeous photo opp!

Arriving at Dreams Villamagna is friendly faces from staff members and friends and family alike.  Kids had been enjoying the pools, ALOT! In addition to the Explorer’s Club for Kids there is ceramic souvenir painting, entertainment every night, the two pools are very large and varying in temperature and depth so everyone has their perfect spot along the pool.  There is room for everyone; no need to reserve chairs early poolside or at the beach.  Smooth beach, perfect for teaching yoga and running, too.

All the bars, six total I believe, serve top shelf options and from the lobby stems the entrance to the World Café for breakfast and lunch.  Nearby is El Patio and Portofino. A short walk past the two large pools is Oceana, often open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with diverse menu options and nearby is the poolside grill for snacks.

The pools wind through toward the ocean, always a gorgeous picturesque moment looking beyond the pools.  I taught yoga every morning on the beach. Towels work well for yoga mats, especially in the sand.  There is a shady spot in front of the hotel, slightly next door.  The first day of class there were 26 students! 9AM yoga is well advertised in the lobby.  It was my only class because I traveled with my Mother In-law as part of the FITcation group also offering Zumba and Aqua Zumba everyday.  Otherwise I would have expected to create another class, perhaps yoga sculpt for 30 minutes or a sunset class during the week.

Relaxing in shady areas is my past-time. The hammocks are perfectly shaded for afternoon siesta! The BARacuda bar has the ice cold blended drinks and a nice place to enjoy your favorite snack from the Barefoot Grill.

Puerto Vallarta is a sweet town with sincere shopping and culture to soak in.  I recommend this resort for groups of friends and families!  What a nice setup for casual beach wedding – overlooking the ocean on the soft sand. xoxo

Travel & tourism retreat experience in Belize-Skype Issues

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Keep in touch with home while traveling in Belize.

Belize is full of tourism incentives.  From fitness and yoga retreats to birdwatching, water sports, ecological beauties and respite. Tourism is good.  English speaking population is growing and growing as English is taught in schools widely through Belize. The country’s luxury “resort and spa” industry is filled with luxurious, boutique Inns.  Just as many resort and spas are in the mountain top ecological havens as lined along the beach.  Despite the great travel incentives through Belize, the country’s internet freedoms are limited. The Belizean government does not allow Skype.  Belize Telecommunications has concerns of lost revenue due to Belizean use of Skype for world-wide, and even local, calling. So they restrict specific websites and data ports.

Despite the problem of countrywide restriction of Skype’s usage, three months I successfully Skyped in Belize multiple times for extended periods of time. HOW? A VPN. A VPN is a secure firewall with changing IP Address, as necessary.  It’s not tracked for a period of time, and then changes.  So I hear….

My concern toward this is the ease of restriction government has to control Skype’s expansion and also the inability for people in Belize to utilize technology readily available and materialistically invested in.

Oh well-I just wanted to talk to my husband at home and see his smiling face while I was on a gorgeous mountain practicing yoga nearly all day every day.  After 2 days of attempting while not knowing the restrictions on Skype across the board in this country, I was told, “it doesn’t always work well.”  Well, you are not kidding!!

Answer to my problems and solution to communicating with my husband in Kentucky is HotSpot Shield! Skped worked in Belize with this free VPN.  It bypasses the firewalls. All it took was the free version.  Once you are using this Application, just remember to turn it off anytime you are not using Skype in Belize (or other restricted site I suppose) or it impairs the browser’s ability to go to other sites.

I hope this helps another Belize traveler.   In respect to encouraging tourism, disabling the Skype communication service is really a poor move and I hope technological notes like this will not always be necessary.

Til then, happy traveling in Belize!  Home of awesome Mayan ruins, gorgeous waterfalls, vibrant culture and dining, wildlife out of this world and relaxing afternoons or adventure excursions. Fit Bodies, Inc. creates teaching vacations for yoga instructors at very nice resorts in Belize such as Hidden Valley Inn.  Check it out and professionals can sign up for the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program.



Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Yoga Retreats in Belize

Yoga Retreats in Belize




Holiday 2012 Greeting from Fit Bodies, Inc.

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Holiday Greetings from Fit Bodies, Inc!
First, this has been a very successful year in expanding program opportunities for many specialized professionals!  We will continue to offer the very best customer service to the best best fitness and sports professionals out there, to the very best locations, too!  The best is yet to come!
We wish you warm, sunny and safe holiday celebrations to bring in the New Year in style!

Holiday Announcements, in this issue:
-     The Premium membership sale continues through Dec 25. This is a 15% savings on all Premium level memberships, including Travel membership offering booking access to every available position. View the sale details HERE! on

-     Last minute availability includes cancellations for holiday weeks, and surprise openings in Jan and Feb. See below.

-      Positions dates are now open to book through March 2014. There is last minute availability or plan further in advance.  Current openings include Christmas 2013 and New Year’s into 2014.

*Dec 30 – Jan 6 at The Ritz-Carlton in Rose Hall, Jamaica. Open for yoga, kids yoga or kids fitness, tennis, or group exercise.  Go book it!!
*Dec 23-30 and Dec 30-Jan 6 at Sunscape Curacao (formerly Breezes Curacao and most of the staff is the same). Curacao also has Feb 10-17 and Feb 17-24 and is a great location for two consecutive weeks!
*Jan 6-13, 13-20 and Feb 3-10 Secrets Aura Cozumel for yoga teachers.
*Jan 13-20, Jan 20-27 Hidden Valley Inn for yoga teachers. Lisa says, “The longer I was there, the longer I wanted to stay.”
*January 6-13 and Jan 27-Feb 3 at Desire Los Cabos for group fitness, yoga, Zumba, cycle pros or pilates teachers.
*Feb 17-Feb 24 Secrets Capri for yoga, pilates or aqua specialists with one other format.
*Feb 24-Mar 3 Secrets Maroma for group exercise instructors.
*Feb 24-Mar 3 Secrets Montego Bay for yoga or pilates instructor.
*PUERTO VALLARTA has wonderful openings for January 2013, check flights into PVR and let us take care of the rest.
*Temptation Cancun is a FUN vacation without skimping on the luxury.  Complimentary transfers to and from the Cancun shopping and tourist district. Great for friends and the social bug solo traveler.  Openings in early and mid-January. Check it out.  One pro came home saying, “The most fun week I’ve had in my entire life!”
As for us, here in Kentucky and Denise in Atlanta and Tom in Washington-We are extremely grateful for the kind and appreciative people we work with everyday.  Thank you for understanding we work tirelessly to make sure every booking is as close to perfect as possible with efficient communication and honest standards across the board.  We are honored to work in this industry with professionals like you.

Best regards!!

Suzelle, Denise, Lisa and Erica at Fit Bodies, Inc plus Tom, at

Fit Bodies, Inc.
859.341.0830 office
888.382.2719 fax
info (at) fitbodiesinc. (dot) com


Travel joy brought to you by Fit Bodies!

Travel joy brought to you by Fit Bodies!

Boosting Joy and Finding Balance This Holiday Season

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Boosting Joy and Finding Balance This Holiday Season

by Cincinnati yogini and Fit Bodies guest instructor, Ms. Lauren Lichenstein

During the holidays, the energetic space and charge that is before us is incredibly big and bright! Sometimes that space is so vast and open armed, we perceive that we are unable to fill those big shoes that the holiday offers to us (resulting in stress, anxiety, moodiness). How do we balance the abundance of energy, celebration, peace, and harmonious experience that is energetically within us and externally outside of us? Here are a few tips to keep you grounded and stable in preparation for the joyous flight which unites us with the flock of peace doves that adorn the universal holiday spirit.

To Begin
To begin your day, practice a breathing exercise that balances the right and left side of the body. If you shower in the morning, take a towel and place of few drops of lunar-energized lavender oil on it. Sit in the shower and place your thumb and ring finger over the nose. Plug the left nostril while you sip in air through the right nostril. Do this slowly and feel the pause at the top of the breath. Switch nostrils to exhale and inhale from the same side. Follow this ten to twenty rounds of breath. You will be able to notice if you are exhaling more than you are inhaling or vice versa, which will lead to the natural, self-healing power to bring balance what you are giving and receiving. It’s a beautiful way to begin the day.

Keep a clear, open mind. Don’t get hung on how you think the holidays are supposed to feel, look, and move. By letting go of expectations, you can be readily available to live presently and fully. Keep the holiday spirit alive by letting it run free instead of containing it in one perfectly wrapped gift box that your mind has manufactured. Thankfully, every day is different, every holiday is different, and these diverse experiences create the rich tapestry that we call life-Decorate it well!

YOU-nique Traditions
Traditions are so important when bringing friends and family together. But why not try something new? In addition to the beautiful comforts of the thread that mends the holidays together year after year, inspire a fresh perspective of togetherness. Instead of a gift exchange, ask to give the energy to a charitable organization such as a toy drive or spend time together by volunteering at a soup kitchen. Maybe give the oven a break and prepare a new and exciting raw dessert for the family to try. A little adventure inserted into tradition can bring you all closer than you realize. By unleashing a new experience, you will drench yourselves in new celebratory expressions. There’s some holiday spirit!!

Let white lights of joy invade your holiday season!
Let white lights of joy invade your holiday season!

Lastly, there is no perfect offering, there is no perfect gift. Everything has a crack in it, everyone a flaw; and that is how our Light gets in and out. Be bright and send positive vibrations to each other no matter how near or far you are during the holiday season. One drop of rain resonates into the ocean, just as one drop of your positivity resonates into the universal spirit. That will direct all of us to find the true balance of joyous and harmonious holiday spirit.

Comments preferred via FBI Facebook page:

About guest blogger and experienced yoga teacher, Lauren Lichenstein:
Lauren, in service, shares the articulation of her authentic voice that is found between her heart and mind to lead harmonious yoga classes in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everyday, her vision of uniting the Cinicinnati yoga community grows, by holding space in the city’s finest and most integrity-drenched yoga studios. Lauren teaches yoga in exotic locations resort guests with Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation company ;)

Who doesn't love a cute dog pic?!  Talk about joy for our furriest friends!
Who doesn’t love a cute dog pic?! Talk about joy for our furriest friends!

Yoga in Belize, Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Hidden Valley Inn is a distinguished sanctuary of nature within the northern Mayan Mountains of Belize. From botany to birding, hiking, swimming, caving, romance and respite-Hidden Valley Inn has an exciting and restoring vacation in store for guests with the inclusion of guest yoga teachers.

Yoga teachers offer classes while enjoying themselves with the ideal accommodations, ambient environment, and wonderful service and dining at the resort.  Yoga teachers with minimum 200-hour teacher training are qualified for teaching vacations to this location. A Fit Bodies, Inc. guest yoga teacher is on staff almost every week offering classes to resort guests.

In addition to accepting yoga teachers on a weekly basis, Fit Bodies, Inc. arranges retreats and groups to Inn guests and teachers alike. Wonderful packages can be customized, combining for as much yoga, adventure, culture and fun as you would like included into each day. Be the teacher yourself, or contact Fit Bodies, Inc. to arrange a fitness professional for your next group retreat. Fit Bodies, Inc. can source the perfect yoga teacher to join your group.
Within the lodge is a conference room sitting 24 people and the entire Inn has complimentary wifi if you must keep business moving, or share your daily adventures to your social circles. View information about Hidden Valley Inn retreats on the Fit Bodies, Inc. site.

Yoga teachers can learn everything about Hidden Valley Inn on the FitnessProTravel website in addition to assistance booking travel dates of the teacher’s choice. Instructors offer classes to guests and enjoy the luxury accommodations and amenities for themselves and included is one guest. Yoga Teachers click to be

Favorite aspects of the Hidden Valley Inn, from a guest yoga teacher’s perspective:

-Currently the only non-beachfront location accepting Fit Bodies, Inc. yoga teachers.

-Hidden Valley Inn sits within over 7,000 acres of a wildlife reserve in northern Maya Mountains of Belize. This is a part of the Pine Mountain Ridge Forest Reserve, which encompasses over 100,000 acres. There are over 90 miles of groomed and well-marked hiking trails to explore! Plus the many excursion opportunities off-site.

-Each guest is asked about dietary considerations. They have wonderful cuisine for all diners!

-Sixteen waterfalls on property to explore and enjoy! Some are big, some small! All providing another area to lookout from or bridge to cross into further hiking adventure.

-Yoga platforms are all next to running water or a waterfall for a lovely, ambient experience for teachers and students alike.

-Five wonderful areas for yoga classes to be held. From the canopy covered OM Shanti platform to the Awat Balam space at the top of Tiger Creek falls. Naturally lovely, sturdy space for classes! Three areas of walking distance, from 2 min stroll from your cottage to 5-7 minute hike. Other two locations are further hike, but only 5-minute ride in the 4×4 Inn taxi! Awat Balam is a 5-minute taxi ride and well worth the effort as it rests on sturdy, multi-level platform at the top of Tiger Creek Falls. As a favorite spot for birders and yogis alike, it is across from King Vulture lookout. Quite the sites to be seen!
For over ten years, Hidden Valley Inn has offered guests levels of adventure and reprise catered to each individual. Naturally as a birding, adventure and ancient culture exploring destination, the Inn has perfect locations for yoga classes and luxury accommodations, amenities, service and dining for the most discerning of travelers.

This location is ideal for yoga teachers looking for a unique and endearing teaching vacation experience away from a beach. Though for great swimming around the Inn, visit Rio Falls during the Caracol excursion.

Fit Bodies, Inc. books teaching vacation dates up to thirteen months in advance at Hidden Valley Inn and other locations. Many 2013 high season travel dates still available for yoga teachers. Also yoga teachers who offer Zumba would be a nice teaching vacation, too! All guest instructors sign up and create teaching vacation bookings at of the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation.


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