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Archive for September, 2012

FitBodies VLOG launch

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

The new video blog hosts updated and cataloged episodes of Everything Fit Bodies with Suzelle. Everything Fit Bodies (EFB) expresses the fast paced business of fitness and travel to keep our program users excited and up to date about everything Fit Bodies, Inc.

Currently EFB has been in production since January 2011 and has just produced it’s 60th episode scheduled to air first on Fit Bodies, Inc. front page Monday, October 1, 2012.

Yoga teachers at Hidden Valley Inn

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

by Lisa Snowden

I’ve been at Hidden Valley Inn since only Friday night, yet already I have too much to say for a single post. Here is an overview of my impression and information learned thus far.

The drive from BZE is airport to Hidden Valley is 2.5-3 hours and over an hour of this is dirt road with bumps along the way. This is the first indication of heading to a very secluded resort area! There is a option to fly into Hidden Valley Inn’s private airstrip, then only a 15 minute drive to the Inn- but then you miss out on driving through diverse communities, seeing Belize agriculture and learning about the area. Rick, my driver, was wonderful to talk to during the drive and I learned about Belize farming, immigration, laws, and family life for people of Belize.

Entrance to Pine Mountain Ridge headed to Hidden Valley Inn

Entrance to Mountain Pine Ridge headed to Hidden Valley Inn


Welcome yoga teachers and guests to Hidden Valley Inn

Welcome yoga teachers and guests to Hidden Valley Inn

Arriving to the Inn releases my body from the long travel day and immediately Arleni and Raul greet me. There were others checking in upon my arrival so Arleni offered me a short, relaxing tour and iced lemongrass tea while we had a conversation. She then escorted me to my room where my luggage was waiting for me. The cottages are very lovely and it’s amenities help to make the resort luxurious. For guest’s pleasure is a closet with hangers, shelves, drawers, umbrellas, a safe big enough for laptops, bathrobe and luggage rack. The bed is a queen size, two lounge chairs, desk, phone, a fireplace and the tile floor feels nice on the feet. Comfortable bed with plenty of pillows. My cottage is number three (out of twelve), or named Hummingbird. All the cottages are named after birds as bird watching draws some of the resort’s guests. The bathroom has all the nice items so don’t worry about packing your shampoo, conditioner and body washes. They also have lotion and Avon’s Skin So Soft to use. I’ve already enjoyed the bathtub and shower has fine pressure for hair washing. Daily housekeeping and turn down service, water and homemade cookies are jarred in the room to remind us this quaint little inn is at luxury standards. All the water is from a local spring and UV treated so it’s delicious and safe to drink even from the tap. There is complimentary wifi throughout the main house and cottages. I’ll probably have a single article dedicated to the cuisine as it’s top notch and they cater to any dietary needs. The staff is truly here to serve the guests and I encourage gratuities for them to show the appreciation. Everyone is so friendly I already know most everyone’s name. They are never short staffed and no one seems to mind the days with little occupancy.

Hummingbird cottage at Hidden Valley Inn

Hummingbird cottage at Hidden Valley Inn

Welcome note at Hidden Valley Inn

Welcome note at Hidden Valley Inn

Did I tell you I have lots to say?! This resort is very unique to other properties hosting Fit Bodies, Inc. teachers so I certainly want to be as detailed as possible.

Yesterday was my first teaching day and my students were a mother and daughter enjoying a single day at the Inn. The teaching schedule will definitely fluctuate based of the number of guests and their yoga class desires.  Last week I’m not sure the teacher had a single class to teach as the occupancy only consisted of the teacher and her companion. The resort does not mind this and Fit Bodies goal with Hidden Valley Inn is to establish a consistent yoga program guests and potential guest alike can count on. You will never teach more than two classes per day. The high season here is November through February or March. September may be the slowest month. This is a PERFECT location to host a retreat or conduct teacher training sessions.

As I sit here typing this I enjoy sitting in the shade, poolside, with a little breeze and listening to the waterfall and gentle music playing from the lounge. I sip the coffee grown organically and roasted on site. Delicious! Tomorrow a group of 14 will be arriving and I look forward to discovering and encouraging their interest in yoga classes. In the meantime I see reading, yoga practice and an afternoon hike in my day’s plan.

Till next time-

Namaste, Lisa

Poolside yoga and meditation room at Hidden Valley Inn

Poolside yoga and meditation room at Hidden Valley Inn

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