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Archive for June, 2011

Kid’s Yoga and Kids Fitness wanted at The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort in Jamaica

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Kids Yoga or Kids Fitness weekly position at The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Enjoy an all-inclusive teaching vacation experience with plenty of leisure time to enjoy the resort’s activities and amenities. Positions are available weekly, or enjoy a longer teaching vacation stay.
To travel as the Kids Yoga professional you need to hold your 200RYT and have experience working with kids in yoga class setting.
For the Kids Fitness position, Fit Bodies, Inc. & The Ritz is open to the type of fitness format offered from Zumba, Aqua, fitness games and competitions (Olympic style), children’s dance lessons or another fitness format you have experience offering to children. View all details for The Ritz-Carlton fitness instruction here. Fit Bodies, Inc. offers yoga, group fitness, and tennis plus of course kids fitness or yoga at The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort in Jamaica.

Contact Fit Bodies, Inc. to begin your vacation experience! Fit Bodies, Inc has nearly 15 years experience and is considered the largest teaching vacation organization in the world. Fit Bodies, Inc. uses for all teaching vacation bookings so you can always start by completing your account application there.
Lisa Owens is the Fit Bodies Inc. contact for The Ritz-Carlton teaching vacations in Jamaica. Office number is 859 341 0830 in Kentucky.
Click Here to email her.

Grand yoga class at The Ritz in Jamaica, overlooking the ocean!

Grand yoga class at The Ritz in Jamaica, overlooking the ocean!

Yoga at The Ritz

Suzelle of Fit Bodies, Inc. enjoying a yoga class on The Ritz lawn

Fit Bodies, Inc. Smiling Faces

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

I’m a runner. I prefer the dirty, rocky, root infested woods but sometimes I am forced to the sidewalks. I was running around my neighborhood today and was inspired to write this blog. I love life when I run and it shows. I am usually smiling. I always say “good morning” or “how are you” when I pass people along the way with a smile. Today was so frustrating. No one smiled back! No one acknowledged my greeting. I have some theories.

1.2. They had headphones in their ears and couldn’t hear me smile.

3. I was happy to be running and they were sad they were not.

4. I splashed them with my wet ponytail as I ran past.

5. They were listening to sad music on their ipods.

Whatever the reason, I feel disheartened when my greetings are not returned. How hard is it to turn that frown upside down? Then I thought about how great it is when we teach classes at the resorts. Everyone is smiling!

1. You are smiling because you are doing what you love to do while enjoying a tropical vacation

2. Your husband is smiling because he got to go with you and didn’t have to spend the typical 5 grand or more on the trip.

3. Your kids are smiling because they are at the Explorer Club with all the other kids their age.

4. The resort manager is smiling because he knows his guests are happy.

5. The guests are smiling because you are there giving them a great workout and a reason to have dessert.

6. I am smiling because you are doing such a great job representing Fit Bodies, Inc.

Seriously, how many frowning faces do you ever see at an all-inclusive tropical resort? You are one of the reasons they are smiling.

As soon as you book your teaching vacation you start smiling just thinking about your upcoming trip. We have lots of summer and fall dates left not to mention what is still left for winter. Don’t miss out on the smiles – book your Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation today!!

PS – I am smiling because I leave soon for Costa Rica where I will be starting up at least one more smiley-faceresort for you to book. Stay tuned and keep on smiling!!



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