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Archive for March, 2011

Important information often overlooked

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

So you booked your teaching vacation.  The auto-reply tells you not to book your flights until you receive a confirmation email from our offices.  We send that right away so you can make your plans.

You are asked to read the general information document and print the flight form to send to us. We also ask you to read Terms and Conditions for more information.  There is a reason we ask you to read these documents.  There  is important information that everyone needs to know before they travel.  Recently some pros have mentioned they were unaware of certain situations that are highlighted in these documents.   So it is clear to me that many of you are ignoring this part of the confirmation email.  Below I have listed a few highlights that are VERY IMPORTANT but please read the documents from beginning to end.  They can be found on the home page of FitnessProTravel.

  • There is a slight chance that you will be asked to move off property during your visit. This is RARE and
    is typically avoided, but if it does occur you will be moved to a nearby property and provided
    transportation when needed.  DO NOT REFUSE, TRY TO DISCUSS OTHER OPTIONS OR DISPLAY ANY NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR IF THIS HAPPENS.  OUR CONTRACT WITH THE RESORTS STATES THEY WILL FIND ALTERNATIVE LOCATIONS IF THE HOTELS OVERSELL INSTEAD OF CANCELLING A PRO OUTRIGHT.    If a pro reacts unfavorably it is a violation of our contract and said contract could be revoked based on the negative feedback.
  • Be involved. You are much like staff even though you are staying in the guest quarters. Join in the
    games and activities as often as you can to help spark interest and meet potential participants. You
    will also gain the respect of the resort management and staff.
  • Always be professional while providing your service and teach only within your scope of practice.
    After that… Enjoy your vacation.
    You will be evaluated during your stay on the following important aspects of service and resort
    management will provide Fit Bodies with the results.
    Your conduct and that of your guest(s) is expected to be professional and in compliance to the
    guidelines of this document as well as the agreed terms and conditions as posted on the Fit Bodies, Inc.
    and Fitness Pro Travel website. Failure to show for a scheduled class, or act and teach in accordance with

    these guidelines will result in banishment from the program and possible invoice from the resort for full
    payment at the regular resort rate.
    • Punctuality – be early and stay at least 20 minutes if no one shows
    • Performance – judged by guest comment cards and/or resort pro’s
    • Appearance – dress professionally during class time or gym time

    • Safety – be aware of the guest and the multilevel abilities
    • Involvement – get involved with hotel activities
    • Staff interaction – follow directions, work well with staff

    • Guest interaction – get to know the guests, promote yourself, Fit Bodies, Inc.
    and the resort
    • Number of participants – You are a portion of the entertainment staff providing service
    to the resort’s paying guests. Classes will be conducted whether there is one person
    in attendance or capacity for a safe program in the resort setting provided.

  • If a hotel closes for any reason or cancels pros based on availability we will do our best to relocate
    the pro to another comparable resort on an even exchange. No refunds or exchanges will be issued

    and Fit Bodies Inc. shall not be liable or responsible for flights purchased, changed or cancelled, nor
    provide accommodations. If no other teaching option is available for the same dates, the booking fee
    will be held as a credit for a future booking for one year of cancellation. However, if you refuse any

    of the alternative options provided, your booking fee will be lost. Visit our “Terms and Conditions”
    page on the website for further information.

  • Fit Bodies, Inc. is a booking agency.  We have contracted with resorts to offer qualified, certified, educated fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train at resort facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies, Inc.  As independent contractors all fitness and teaching professionals acknowledge and confirm that they are not employees of Fit Bodies, Inc., its affiliates, nor the resorts.  All sports professionals acknowledge that they determine the methods, details, and means of their respective training and teaching services, and that Fit Bodies, Inc. does not control, direct, or supervise the professionals in their performance of such services. Fitness professionals and their traveling companions, as a condition of this agreement, shall not discuss fees or costs with any resort personnel, or guests of the resort.  All issues concerning fees, charges, accommodations, amenities, scheduling or otherwise must be directed to Fit Bodies, Inc.

Fit Bodies, Inc. Zoetry Paraiso Video

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

A big thank you to Kim Saunders for creating this video of the lovely Zoetry Paraiso.  Watching this makes me want to be doing yoga in beautiful Riviera Maya RIGHT NOW!

Here is the video-Fit Bodies, Inc. Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita video

Login to your account to book your next Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation.  Happy Travels!!

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