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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

ECA Conference in NYC

On the plane heading home from NYC thinking about the weekend I just spent at the ECA conference.  Lisa from my office accompanied me this time for her first experience at a fitness conference.  She has witnessed my obsession with my athletic training for the five plus years we have known each other.  I was looking forward to her reaction to a sea of people just like me.  Lisa has worked for me for several years, has visited most of the properties and spoken to thousands of traveling pros.  At ECA she and I were able to visit with those who have traveled with us, as well as those who have been members but never taken advantage of the opportunity and of course those who stopped by the booth completely clueless of our existence.  First of all, thank you for visiting our booth.  What a pleasure to meet the very people who represent Fit Bodies Inc. personally and hear their wonderful stories.  At one time, Elissa and Don (who took over the booth for a bit so we could take a break) were there fresh and still tanned from their time at Couples Swept Away the week before, along with Gioia who was just back from Hedonism II, talking with Elizabeth heading to Ritz-Carlton today and Carrie who was going to Breezes Puerto Plata on Sunday as well.  The energy and enthusiasm was electric.
Lisa and I hooked up with David Mesirow and June Kahn there promoting David’s new product BEAMFIT.  I am fortunate to be selected by David as one of his trainers and experienced first hand a group of conventioneers trying it for the first time.  What a rush.  They did great but were all amazed how challenging but equally effective even as they struggled to remain on top of the BEAM.
I saw old friends like Jon Giswold who is working on a new program now and Len Kravitz who always amazes me how he makes his lectures on the mighty mitochodria understandable.  Made new friends and business associates and talked until my voice was cracking to present members and potential new members of our traveling team of professionals.

So I am home for a day and off to the mountains with my family for a couple weeks.

New dates were just added and more resorts will appear like magic on the website.  Keep checking, meet new friends and read about our new membership options on our account engine

Until next time, be safe, keep moving and HAPPY TRAVELS!



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